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a birds on anti bird spikes

How to Keep Birds Away From Your TV Aerial With Bird Spikes

Sometimes different birds can look at our roofs and such as the perfect place to have a nest. While we of course want what’s best for our wildlife, allowing them to nest on our property is where we draw the line. Luckily there are a range of things that we can do to prevent nasty problems like this from occurring, if you aren’t sure how to keep birds away from your TV aerial with Bird spikes then you’ve come to the right place. Your signal could be negatively affected if birds are around your TV aerial, there’s nothing worse than when whatever you are watching cuts out at the most important part and you don’t get to see what happens, for TV aerial installation click here. If you are looking to stop problems like this from happening to you then the best course of action is to act on it now before it’s too late. If Installing spikes will prevent wild birds from nesting in certain places, and it’s illegal to remove or disturb the nest in some circumstances. Bird spikes are very efficient in preventing birds from landing on certain parts of your home with their spikey textures. 

Safety precautions 

Climbing a ladder to install bird spikes is a dangerous task, you might want to hire someone to do it for you if you aren’t 100 per cent confident with working at heights. If you fall off a ladder from any height you could hurt yourself badly, and installing bird spikes isn’t worth the risk. If you do decide to take on the task by yourself, get someone to hold the bottom of the ladder for you to make sure that it doesn’t slide from the bottom of your feet. Also, don’t attempt the task if the ground is wet. Zip tie your ladder to something to ensure it cannot fall is also a good idea if you want to be extra safe. If something is out of reach while you are on the ladder, you should never attempt to stretch or lean over to get to it, this could lead to a nasty fall. It’s a much better idea to go to the bottom of the ladder and move it closer to whatever you’re trying to grab.

Installing the spikes

Depending on what spikes you have they could be installed differently. First things first are to clean the area that you will be installing the spikes on, and make sure there are no bird droppings in the area. After this apply silicone to the bottom of your spikes. If the surface that you are installing the spikes onto seems to be rough or uneven apply more than you would usually. Now push the spikes down firmly, and ensure you are covering as much of the area as possible so no birds can land there. With some spikes, it’s better to screw them down instead. This is undoubtedly the more efficient method to make sure they don’t come off. You may have to install multiple rows of spikes, or all your hard work could be pointless. You can snap off the parts of the spikes that are sticking out over the surface you are installing them on to make things look neater too.

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