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Best Picture Guaranteed
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We at Taylor Aerials Alarm installations are at the forefront of security with our customised solutions for your alarm needs. Our intruder alarms are individually designed to ensure that there is no risk of break ins. Now in your local areas, you can contact us for a free, same day, no obligation quote and advice.

Our Products  

Our intruder alarm system offers multiple benefits: 

  • Protect your family 
  • Wireless technology 
  • Safe for Pets 
  • Offers On The Go security 

Our engineers can connect you alarm up to your Smart devices. If the alarm is triggered, it will send a silent alarm out to the police and another one to your device. Moreover, you will be able to see the intruders and your cameras will take live photos of them. The alarm can also be programmed to phone up to eight pre-programmed telephone numbers, each of whom will be sent a message when the alarm goes off.  

The wireless alarm system is a complete two-way wireless control panel. Two-way wireless technology is a vital part of the system that keeps it safe and reliable. Each device on the wireless alarm system has a transmitter and receiver, offering the installer a status reading at both, the control panel, and the wireless device. 

Each wireless device on the Wireless Alarm system (including key fobs) has a transmitter and a receiver, allowing the implementation of the following technologies:  

  • Instant two-way Device Control (IBTC)  
  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)  
  • Proprietary two-way data encryption (BDE)  
  • Intelligent jamming detection 

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