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At Taylor Aerials, we install intruder alarms for your property. Recently, the crime rate has started to become bigger, so why not put your mind at ease and stop worrying by giving us a call for your new alarm that can be installed today!

Our intruder alarms can be placed in your property and at businesses. Our engineers can connect you alarm up to your Smart devices. If the alarm is triggered, it will send a silent alarm out to the police and another one to your device, when this happens you will be able to see the intruders and your cameras will take live photos for you, so you’ll be able to catch the burglars. The alarm can also be programmed to phone up to eight pre-programmed telephone numbers, your alarm will tell each caller your situation.

The wireless alarm system is a complete two-way wireless control panel. Two-way wireless technology is a vital part of the system that keeps it safe and reliable, and in turn, provides a major advantage to the installers. Each device on the wireless alarm system has a transmitter and receiver, offering the installer a status reading at both, the control panel and the wireless device.

Each wireless device on the Wireless Alarm system including key fobs has a transmitter and a receiver, allowing the implementation of the following technologies: – Instant two-way Device Control (IBTC) – Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) – Proprietary two-way data encryption (BDE) – Intelligent jamming detection.

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So if you are looking to get alarm installed, you can contact our installation team right away on either local number 0800 046 3517 or contact us on the mobile number 07841 016 294. You can book one of our highly experienced engineers who can visit your property on a same day basis and they can give you a free no obligation quote. If you are happy they can even start the installation the very same day.

So, if you want to make an appointment with our team to get your alarm installed, contact one of our team today and kick start that process right away. We can assure you that we will offer one of the fastest, most efficient and cheapest services that you have ever encountered.

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