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Best Picture Guaranteed
& Installed Today!

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Freeview Installation 

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 What is Freeview? 

Freeview is a TV service that can be availed by having a service set up through Freeview Box which is connected to an aerial connection. You must have an aerial connection to access Freeview. If you do not have an existing aerial connection, you can contact our team today to get a free quote. We also offer 1 hour service, where our engineers will be with you within an hour of your query, if needed.  

With Freeview, you get 70 TV and Radio Channels, as well as 15 HD channels. Freeview does not require you to pay an ongoing subscription cost. You only need to have a valid aerial connection and a pay a one-off cost for a Freeview Box. If you encounter any problems with Freeview, it is normally because of a poor-quality aerial or wiring. In either case, you can contact our team at Taylor Aerials, and a member of our team can come to your property on the same day and resolve the matter.  

Feature of Freeview 

With Freeview you can get multiple features such as: 

  • More than 70 standard channels 
  • Up to 15 HD channels 
  • Catch-up TV available directly from the TV Guide 
  • Freeview Play apps page with access to TV players 
  • Red Button+ service on BBC channels 
  • Streaming channels on the TV guide 
  • Search & Recommendations 
  • Help & Alerts 

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