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For top Halesowen TV aerial installation services, give Taylor Aerials a call today. We cater to all your unique viewing needs, providing you with professional services, certified engineers and affordable pricing. We provide a local service catering to private and commercial clients with an extensive range of services which includes TV aerial installations, TV installations, Satellite TV and alarms and CCTV systems.

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We offer Sky Q, Sky TV, Sky + and Sky HD along with Freeview and Freesat systems. We also provide you with digital TV aerials, TV aerial installations for indoors and outdoors as well as aerial boosters, home cinema installations and multi room installations. We also provide 5G services, dish replacements, TV wall mounting solutions and discreet dish placements, to name a few.

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History of Halesowen

In the Domesday Book of 1086, Halesowen is mentioned as being greater than Birmingham. The manor and town were known as Hala (from the Anglo-Saxon term “halh,” which meant “nook or secluded valley”) until it was given to Welsh Prince Dafydd ab Owain and renamed Halas Owen by King Henry II. The parish of Halesowen, which included several townships that later became distinct parishes, was originally an exclave of Shropshire’s county, but it expanded into a town and was transferred to Worcestershire’s jurisdiction by the Counties (Detached Parts) Act 1844. The old settlement of Brettle was included within the limits. The ancient parish of Halesowen was a Shropshire exclave. (Project on Historic County Borders).

Medieval historians are familiar with the area because of a fight that occurred about this time. Before 1279, the peasants attempted to plead their case in the King’s Court, a right restricted to unfree villeins, as the Abbot attempted to increase labour services for his tenants (which had been fixed in 1244). As a result, the Abbot fined them £10, a substantial sum at the time, and opposition, led by Roger Ketel, increased. Ketel and Alice Edrich (the pregnant wife of another prominent rebel) were slain by thugs hired by the abbey in 1282, putting an end to the fight. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, Halesowen grew dramatically in the 18th century.

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