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Best Picture Guaranteed
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TV Aerial Installation Gravesend

We only use the latest technology at Taylor TV Aerial Installation Gravesend, meaning we can provide the most complex of installations. We take pride in offering the height quality services which are extremely cost-effective. Our services are available to both domestic and commercial properties in and around the area. Taylor TV Aerial Installer Gravesend is here to offer a quick, no hassle installation.

Our company’s engineers are all locals who provide prompt, polite, and mess-free service. Contact Taylor TV Aerial for the most affordable, best-quality service.

What can we offer you?

As well as aerial and satellite installations, at Taylor TV Aerial Installation Gravesend we provide an array of services. These include maintenance, repair and replacement services. There are a number of factors which may result in you experiencing issues with your current aerial. Regardless of the problem, we can provide the perfect solution.

At Taylor TV Aerial Installer Gravesend our trained technicians offer a free call-out service. Therefore, allowing them to assess your property and find the route of your issues. For the best TV Aerial reception, your aerial has to be installed in the prime position. Therefore we do not have any height restrictions, unlike our competitors. Thus, ensuring we have the best Tv viewing experience possible. As we continue to keep up with the digital age, we are known as Gravesend’s most reliable aerial company.

Keep up to date with technology

All of our aerial and satellite services are tailored specifically to you, with a promise to meet your needs. Our customer satisfaction rate is second to none, thanks to our expertise and only using the latest digital equipment.

We have a range of TV boxes including Youview, Sky, BT Vision, Freesat and Freeview, that we can install depending on your needs. For instance if you are looking for a basic box with upto 70 UK TV channels we have our Freeview box. However, we also have BT vision which is perfect if you want to pause, record and store your TV shows.

Whatever your requirements, our trained fitters will have a discussion with you and offer the best solution.

Get in touch with Taylor Aerials

Free quotes, call-outs, and warranty guarantees. Taylor Aerials have no hidden costs or obligations.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, whether it’s to arrange a booking or make an enquiry. We are also glad to be of assistance. You can get in touch on 01474 550 662 and we will be more than happy to help you out.

History of Gravesend

Gravesend and Northfleet owe much of their history to its important location along the Thames River and on the route between London and the Channel ports. Gravesend has traditionally been in the vanguard of the capital’s defence, and in 1381, despite the installation of a system of beacons, a combined French and Spanish force sailed up river as far as Gravesend, burned the town down, and enslaved many of its residents. Those who managed to flee were so poor that King Richard II felt compelled to assist them. As a result, he granted the Gravesend watermen and their successors the exclusive privilege to ferry passengers to London.

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