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TV Aerial Installation Cumbernauld

We at Taylor TV Aerial Installation Cumbernauld are an all-inclusive and friendly TV aerial installer who can help you today! We offer a diverse range of services that cover every single facet of TV aerial installation, satellite installation and all other related systems that pertain to your TV viewing experience. We are a one-stop shop to picture perfection. 

What satellite dish should you buy?

If you have decided that a sat dish is what you want, the next question is what type or size of the dish is best suited to you. Often, other companies, such as our competitors, will stay purposefully vague on the different types of satellites, in the hope of tricking you into purchasing the most expensive satellite dish. We are not like that so here is our comprehensive guide as to what satellite is best for you. Satellites are largely similar to each other and work the same way, the only defining characteristics are size and what material it is made from. Every combination of satellite dish size and material has its advantages and associated disadvantages of course. 

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There are three common satellite dish sizes that you are likely to encounter, 50 cm, 53 cm and 60 cm. As a dish gets larger, its degree of amplification, but also its specificity increases. This means that if you live in a very remote area, or an area with a lot of adverse weather, a 60 cm dish is your best bet. The only downside of a larger satellite is the aforementioned increase in specificity, which means it is more sensitive to its tuning and more important it is to align it to the correct angle. Additionally, this means that larger dishes have a smaller tolerance to being knocked off alignment. The inverse is also true regarding smaller dishes. 

As you have most likely noticed from the satellites you have come across, satellites can be made from a range of materials. The main materials used are;

  • Steel – Steel dishes are widely used as they are comparatively inexpensive and have very good signal characteristics. However, as with all steel products, they are susceptible to rust
  • Plastic / Fibreglass – These are dishes made from many layers of synthetic materials that are then coated. This material offers superb durability as they are resistant to rust
  • Aluminium – Dishes made from aluminium are arguably the golden standard, rust resistant with excellent signal characteristics. Although generally pricier than its counterparts.

We are based in Cumbernauld

Just as Cumbernauld is your home, it is ours. All our engineers are local to Cumbernauld and know the area inside and out. This ensures that the engineers can truly sympathise with every customer. Furthermore, a great benefit of our engineers being local to you is that they are intimately aware of the challenges that you may face regarding your TV signal or picture. Taylor Aerials Cumbernauld are here to help keep you tuned into all the high-quality local programmes that Cumbernauld has to offer, from our excellent news reporting to our even more outstanding sports opportunities.

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