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Freeview Explained

Freeview is a service which is set up by setting up a Freeview Box which is connected to an aerial connection. You have to have an aerial connection in order to access Freeview. If you do not have an existing aerial connection, you can contact our team today and a member of our team can come to your property to give you a free quote and can complete the job for you right away if you wish to go ahead.

With Freeview, you get 70 TV and Radio Channels, as well as 15 HD channels too. Freeview is a great service to have access too and you do not need to pay an ongoing subscription costs. You only need to have a valid aerial connection and you need to pay a one off cost for a Freeview Box. If you do encounter problems with Freeview, it is normally because of a poor quality aerial or wiring. In either case, you can contact our team at Taylor Aerials, and a member of our team can come to your property on the same day and resolve the matter with your Freeview box.

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So if you are looking to get Freeview installed, and you do not have an aerial installed, you can contact our installation team right away on either local number 0800 046 3517 or contact us on the mobile number 07841 016 294. Our team will ensure that we either install a new aerial connection for you, or we fix your existing aerial connection to ensure that you can watch Freeview with no problems at all. Our team can normally come out on a same day basis, and sometimes within the hour. Our team will give you a free on site quote together with the advice on the best solution. If you are happy to go ahead, our engineer can start the work right away.

So, if you want to make an appointment with our team to get your Freeview set up, contact one of our team today and kick start that process right away. We can assure you that we will offer one of the fastest, most efficient and cheapest services that you have ever encountered.

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