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Smoke Alarm Installation

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Smoke alarms are vital devices. They are a must-have in both commercial and residential properties.

To have security measures maximised within your home, it is crucial to install a smoke alarm. The team of professionals at Taylor Alarms would be more than happy to assist with the smoke alarm installation process.  

We will send out an experienced engineer to visit your home. Then we will advise the best route to take when it comes to installing your new smoke alarm system. We can provide all of the latest systems. With an extensive amount of experience and knowledge held by each of our engineers, we can guarantee that the alarm system will be installed accurately and efficiently. 

Smoke Alarm Installation Details

Smoke alarms are a legal requirement. Different types of smoke alarms can be installed within your property. This can be discussed in more detail with the qualified engineer or another member of our team.  

The two main types of detectors most suitable for the home include ionization and photoelectric detectors. Our team is also professionals when it comes to installing interlinked smoke alarm systems. These devices have been proven to be extremely effective. That is because when one sounds, they all sound. This will maximise safety and security measures even further. No matter where you may be within the home, you will always hear the sound of the alarm. Installation of a heat alarm and carbon monoxide detector also falls under these new requirements. Within some countries, for example, Scotland, it is now the law to have an interlinked system installed within your home.  

All of the systems that we install meet all industry standards and are fully tested and maintained to make sure that they are operating correctly. If your alarm is a sealed battery alarm, it is important to recognise when the batteries need to be changed. 


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 How Many Alarms Do I Need?

The number of alarms required for your commercial or residential property depends on the size and layout of the building. If your home is on one level you will need to fit at least one smoke alarm. If your home is on two levels, or more, you will require a few. It is also advised that they are all interlinked with one another. Taylor Alarms can elaborate on alarm placement after visiting your property. 

Life-Saving Device

Smoke alarms and fire alarms are life-saving devices. Fast flaming fires, as well as smouldering smoke, have detrimental effects on both buildings and individuals. With the assistance and warning of these alarms, building damage, injuries and fatalities can be reduced. As well as inspecting, installing and maintaining alarms, the team at Taylor Aerials offers an extensive range of scheduled testing as well as inspection services. 

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