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At Taylor Aerials, we are a security and CCTV installation company. Security is all about protecting yourself, family, loved ones and property. Having CCTV cameras can offer a peace of mind, it helps you save money and can even lead to arrests in certain situations. You are also able to check your property when you’re away out via your mobile, iPad, tablet and android.

Having cameras on show is enough to make burglars think twice before committing the crime. Our CCTV engineers can set up your cameras anyway you would like them to be, they can be small and hidden away so burglars don’t know they’re there, or they can be in obvious places and huge to be deterrent.

Our engineers are also able to connect your camera to your existing TV system. If you have CCTV cameras outside and want to check, you will be able to just change the channel and scout outside without having to go and twitch at the blinds. We are also able to connect them to your Smart phone and tablets. We do this so if you’re on the move and want to make sure your home isn’t being robbed, you just open your CCTV app and you can see everything that your camera sees.

All our systems are so easy to use and cost effective. Taylor Aerials have solutions where no PC is required and for much larger projects, we have the best CCTV servers at our disposal, we can protect your business, property and loved ones.

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So if you are looking to get CCTV installed, you can contact our installation team right away on either local number 0800 046 3517 or contact us on the mobile number 07841 016 294. Our engineers are able to come to your property on a same day basis and can give you a free quote without any obligation.

So, if you want to make an appointment with our team to get your CCTV installed, contact one of our team today and kick start that process right away. We can assure you that we will offer one of the fastest, most efficient and cheapest services that you have ever encountered.

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